Misano 2017 race review

Misano 2017 for RYS team true racing;

Learning a new car and getting to know new drivers can sometimes be a time consuming process. After a long and exciting weekend in Misano we have had some excellent driver feedback from our experienced drivers Laura Kraihamer and Cedric Freiburghaus, who worked with the team to ensure we quickly adjusted and jumped on the pace, in both practice sessions.

By ironing out some setup issues we were able to give both drivers the car they wanted, which left the team feeling confident about qualifying. Unfortunately qualifying was heavily disrupted for both drivers by a series of yellow and red flags. Cedric was only able to post a string of in/out laps due to multiple red flags and a technical problem with the car, meaning he would therefore start race two from the back of the grid.

Laura worked around the traffic and another unlucky string of flagged laps in her session, but also had to contend with brake bias issues, however her experience enabled her to work with the issues and qualified the team in 30th for the start of race one.

Going into race one the team had located and amended the biasing issues and made some setup adjustments due to slightly different weather conditions than that of FP1, FP2 and qualifying. Laura started the race and was on the pace making up places throughout the session. At the 25 minute marker we pitted Laura to make our required driver change to Cedric, who was once again quick off the mark and made progress through the pack.

Unfortunately he was again plagued with unforeseen circumstances that resulted in full course yellow flag laps, drive through penalties and safety car laps. At the end of a frustrating race the team placed 21st which we did not feel did the team justice.

However, at Team True racing we are driven by continuous improvement and feel that an outing is only wasted if no knowledge is gained. Due to this we set about looking at what we could learn and potentially build upon from race one, to help in preparation for race 2.

A big positive from race one was that both drivers reported the car feeling the best it had all weekend and that it was a setup they could both really work with and push to its limits. Inevitably however the weather conditions were warmer on Sunday for race 2 than the relatively mild temperatures seen in race 1 on Saturday night. Thankfully our skilled engineers reacted well to this change and calculated some amendment factors to try and maintain the characteristics of our KTM despite the changing conditions.

Cedric started race 2 with the adjusted setup and quickly found his rhythm, by lap 4 had made progress from his 26thplace start up to 16th. He held his place there in the changing formation up until lap 15 when we called him into the pits to put Laura in the driving seat. Cedric and Laura’s quick driver change accompanied by the team’s quick pit stop abilities, enabled Laura to get out on the grid in 16th place.

After getting some temperature into her tyres Laura was straight on the pace and started to make quick progress, getting up to 14th position and building a nice gap between herself and the following car. Unfortunately on lap 28 a full course yellow flag was waved bringing out the safety car which diminished the gap Laura had built between herself and the following car. With only five laps to go, a crowded track and rapidly cooling tyres it was looking like yellow flags had once again halted our progress but Laura held on and kept fighting to bring the team home a 17th place finish.

The positives we took from our weekend in Misano were; we learned a lot about our new KTM crossbow as well as both of our drivers and their driving styles. Skills we hope to bring to the Red Bull Ring in June and continue to build on in every round following that.

Thanks for following our progress and be sure to carry on, if anyone has any questions just send in a message.

Watch this space!